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About Us

We are an award winning, small business in Hampton, locally owned by Michael Jernigan who was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area. We are dedicated to helping YOU achieve maximum yield and highest quality of any crop by supplying you with the best of the best supplies and equipment available in the area for ALL of your organic gardening needs! We are ready to share our 20+ years of knowledge and experience in the industry with you to ensure you are successful! Pick Peninsula Hydroponics. We'll Help You Grow!

We Grow Year Round!!
Events & Workshops

Events/Community Involvement


Be sure to check our Events page for events and workshops!  We love giving back to the community.  This is actually one of the reasons we decided to open up our doors, to share our knowledge about sustainable living and growing your own food!  Any opportunity we have to educate the youth of our community or plant some veggies at a local community garden, we are there!  We are passionate about what we do, so it is only natural that we are eager to share our knowledge with others.

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