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About Us


Peninsula Hydro – WHAT??

“Hydro” meaning water and “pono” meaning labor.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil.  When grown in an inert medium (without soil) with perfectly balanced pH, highly oxygenated water and nutrient-rich solutions are delivered directly to the roots.  This enables the crop to grow TWICE as fast since it is getting the exact combination of water, oxygen, and nutrients that it needs!

Hydroponically grown plants also have a significant impact on the environment AND our bodies because you can use NO harsh chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides.  Hydroponics is the fastest growing sector of agriculture and could very well dominate food production in the future…let’s cut the middle man out!  Know more.  Grow more!

We at Peninsula Hydroponics and Organic Garden Supply are super passionate about self-sufficient, sustainable farming methods and organic agriculture.  And how awesome is all that coupled with hydroponic growing?!  We specialize in indoor AND outdoor growing, as well as soil and soilless mediums, and we now offer consulting for our cannabis farmers and school systems. 

We are just a small business in Hampton, with a BIG passion.  Locally owned by Michael Jernigan, who was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area, we are dedicated to helping YOU achieve maximum yield and highest quality of any crop by supplying you with the best of the best supplies and equipment available in the area!  

We hope you consider Peninsula Hydroponics (pH) as a potential partner of yours in helping you grow hydroponically and/or organically.  Choose Peninsula Hydroponics. We’ll Help You Grow!

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