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SEASONAL Plant Delivery


In Hampton and surrounding areas, we offer FREE plant delivery on orders over $100 during our summer plant sale! Sale usually starts on or around April 15th each year.  

For orders and questions: call 838-4113.



We offer consultation to retail and commercial customers during all stages of growth! Whether you're indoors or out, in hydro or soil, our team of experts have a combined 30+ years experience to help you maximize and achieve your results! Current rate: $200/hr.

FREE Soil Testing


We offer FREE soil testing, up to 6 separate beds/areas.  We provide your soil's pH results along with recommendations for amending, (if needed) depending on what you are trying to grow in that area.

For a more in depth analysis, ask us about the VA Cooperative Extension soil test packet!  This type of testing is done off site at Virginia Tech's Soil Testing Laboratory in Blacksburg!

School Systems

In addition to consulting, we now offer commercial rates, to include material, labor & delivery for schools incorporating hydroponic systems in their STEM programs!  This is to include smaller classroom size systems up to greenhouse/ commercial size systems!  

For inquiries, please call 838-4113.

Commercial Systems

Whether you are a school or a farmer or a business, if you're growing on a larger scale and need commercial systems and/or parts, we have the ability to offer you commercial pricing, direct billing, and even drop shipments (where applicable).  

For inquiries, please call 838-4113 and ask for Michael.

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